At IEC you create your own career path.

Engineering tomorrow’s power

Are you intrigued by the thought of working on complex and exciting projects at the forefront of the power industry? At IEC, our engineers and specialists work on a variety of meaningful projects that have a direct impact on our future.

The vision to see beyond tradition

IEC recognizes that our employees are the key to delivering the services and expertise that distinguishes our company from the competition. IEC is not held back by a typical corporate structure that requires climbing a corporate ladder. We've developed a team-oriented environment and believe in growing leaders from within to achieve success. We are committed to providing our staff with a flexible workplace that balances work and personal lives and a setting that encourages collaboration and innovation.

"People are not your most important asset. The right people are."
~ Jim Collins

Control your own destiny

We have created an autonomous work environment where employees are empowered to act as individuals and entrepreneurs. You don’t have to change companies or wait around for a position to become available for your career to advance—at IEC you create your own career path.

Accounting for your efforts

IEC offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes extremely competitive pay, 100% employer-paid health plan coverage, income protection, retirement and savings plans, and much more. IEC also makes investments in its employees through mentoring and other activities that encourage career development and professional growth to help you succeed.

Shaping the future of energy

Complex and exciting projects, collaborative structure, a limitless career path, and attractive rewards—if these sound appealing, we hope you'll consider joining us in Shaping the Future of Energy. We invite you to learn about our current opportunities.

“IEC offers what I find important for a great career: working on interesting projects; good professional opportunities; personal challenges; and supportive colleagues. I would not be able to work in a company where the working day is always the same. Our corporate culture encourages employee involvement at all levels and everybody gets and takes the responsibility they like and can handle.”

~ Dana Arter, Senior Engineer