Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Orland Unified School District PV Installations



IEC provided complete Engineering, Procurement, andConstruction (EPC) services to Orland Unified School District (OUSD) forinstallation of photovoltaic (PV) systems at five (5) school sites within thedistrict.

  • District Office
  • Fairview Elementary School
  • Mill Street Elementary School
  • Orland High School
  • Price Intermediate School

The installations consisted of PV modules installed onfixed-tilt ground mounted structures and on elevated shade structures alongwith DC to AC inverters and other electrical, structural, and mechanicalsupporting equipment. The PV systems have been sized according to the current energyusage at each school site to supply electricity to the grid to offset theconsumption of energy at each facility. Total installed solar capacity at thefive school sites is over 688 kilowatts.

The project included interior and exterior lighting upgradesand other energy conservation measures that helped further reduce the overallenergy usage at the school district. Construction was completed in 2013.

Thesolar PV systems are expected to produce 1.08 million kWh per year and throughNet Energy Metering (NEM), the energy produced by the solar PV systems will beused to offset site usage and any excess energy will be exported to the grid.OUSD will be compensated by PG&E for the time-of-use value of the energy.